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Age, age preferences, age prejudices

Men seeking younger women
Dishonesty regarding age
Age and the desire for a family
Older woman/younger man
Other views regarding age   (|Age and baggage | In defence of middle aged men | In praise of older women | Age and appearance | An Octogenarian's perspective | It's never too late|)

Synopsis of views on age-related topics:
1. Many women of all ages are offended by the stated desire by men (generally those in their 40s and older) for much younger women, when this does not appear related to the desire to start a family, in which case the search for a woman of child-bearing age is considered legitimate (if sometimes over-optimistic when it involves men in their late 40s and over). Middle-aged women find that in person men their age are attracted to them, yet "on paper" they are rejected by men older than they are. And the women targeted by men ten or more years older tend to be unimpressed or even irked as well.
2. Nevertheless, many men do in fact seek women of their age and the average ages difference between males and females of couples meeting via Science Connection is very small - 2 or 3 years on average. And both men and women have reported happy unions involving an older woman with a younger man.
3. Although misrepresenting one's age demonstrably occurs, no one has been prepared to defend this in the Newsletter and all condemn it as a bad idea in practice and for moral (even legal) reasons.
4. Some members argue that being of similar age brings benefits of cultural and general compatibility and syncronicity of life stage (retiring about the same time, etc.). Other members de-emphasize age, citing the greater importance of individual differences and regarding as folly the setting of narrow age limits for a prospective mate.
Men seeking younger women

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Age and the desire for a family TOP
Older woman/younger man TOP
Other views regarding age

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