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Unsolicited comments from Science Connection members

Rick and I were married in December. We met, of course, on Science Connection. He keeps saying to me, "Why didn't I join SciConnect earlier? Why didn't I join SciConnect earlier?" He did finally realize what a great dating site you have and that's what matters. I am having a good time with this website. I can say that I have tried them all and the quality of individuals found here sets the bar high for the's of the world!
In my very brief membership in Science Connect, I've been very, very impressed with the candor of members in their profiles, and in the two email contacts to me by female members. Any male likes receiving a suggestion of personal interest in them, especially those of us long out of the dating scene, but more important is the smart, intelligent, up front and "let's not bullshit here" tone that is coveyed by all the member profiles I've scanned and those few direct contacts. You know, I left other dating services b/c the guys were wretched at returning emails. I had a 2 - 5% response rate over 5 years. Pitiful! ... I think part of the charm of this wonderfully insightful site is that people in general DO respond - and I have to say that a 67% response rate is alot higher than my experience on other services!!!
Thank you Kathleen. It was incredible to meet someone who is an effervescent science-lover and also has a stellar sense of humor! Thank you for creating such a secure, practical, and delightful service!
This membership is remarkably polite, civil and well-behaved, considering the access we have to each other. I appreciate that freedom and hope it stays that way. It's a wonderful service that you maintain (with grace and humor), and the people I have corresponded with seem to be genuinely good people...
"I am very impressed with Sciconnect and have already made a few good friends to correspond with. Sciconnect is the best singles website that I have encountered so far. It seems to attract a certain quality of people not usually seen on other sites." "So, thank you for your service, which is reasonably priced, very civilized, and a terrific source of connections to intelligent, like-minded people."
"I've been a member for 3+ years, and have met some great men through Sci Connect. It has put me in touch with a world of interesting, educated, single men whom I otherwise never would have had a chance to meet. I have met someone locally, through Science connection, whom I have grown to love very much. Our relationship is young, but we are both old enough to know what feels 'right', and this is it." "I almost had tears in my eyes to have found you-all. [...] I found the link on the Harvard Magazine personals website, where there is some of the most overheated, egomaniacal self-descriptions I've ever read. Mostly from my gender (sigh). At five dollars a word. After that, plus the agony of eHarmony (terrible spellers) and Chemistry, SciConnect is a veritable oasis."
"You have a wonderful -- efficient, good hearted and intelligent -- operation." "I enjoy the intellectual diversity. The members I've met I've enjoyed meeting."
"I think this is a great service you have. The seriousness and quality of your members seems to be much greater than what I've seen on eharmony and I should have considered searching for people with a scientific background similar to my own earlier." "The intellectual quality of the men is very high. The S.C. process is simple and professionally managed. It's a great way for a busy woman to feel like she's doing something to meet a buddy or kindred spirit..."
"... I'm enormously enjoying the new world you have helped open. I don't know if this is a typical reaction, but you should know that I have never (at least not since university) met so many fascinating and intelligent people in such a short time period. Even the ones with whom I have little in common are really great company and/or correspondents. Keep up the good work." "My first year with Science Connection has been a great way to re-enter the social scene, after finishing the dissertation decathalon! ... I've been delighted to meet some wonderful, interesting and intellectual men, including several possible long-term friends. As a female academic, I'm glad to have found a group of people with enough commonalities and a relatively safe way to meet men of good character and similar professional achievements."
"It is obvious from the mini and bio profiles that the quality of your clientele far exceeds that of the cybersenselessness saturating the Internet today." "This service has generally cheered me as I slog through 80-hour work weeks -- an amazing range of people."
"I want to thank you for offering this service. While I have not met the 'woman of my dreams' yet, I have enjoyed the people I have met. Being outside the normal scientific community, I find it difficult to meet the people who are engaged in work I find most enjoyable and challenging. Your service provides a bit of that opportunity I have wanted. I appreciate your efforts." "I've had some interesting Science 'connections'. And while I still yearn for the right person, one of the positive aspects of Science Connection is that (with the exception of an aberrant date from hell) I have never felt that the contacts were a waste of time. In this group, even if someone is not right for you, he's likely to be a bright, dynamic person with ideas worth sharing."
"We both feel that Science Connection was a great way to meet people with similar interests and backgrounds. In our case, we have a great deal in common and are grateful that we had the opportunity to meet each other. Thank you." "I believe Science Connection offers, most likely, the largest selection of available single, intelligent women that I have found. You are providing a valuable service and you are doing a great job at it. Keep it up. "
"This is one of the few real opportunities I have had to meet women with interests similar to mine, in a location where people are typically more interested in politics and the arts." "... an incredibly refreshing change from usually feeling a combination of depressed disinterest and 'yuck!' after glancing through local 'in search of' ads."
"While I did not meet him through SC, being a member of SC has been a wonderful learning experience about this fascinating process of finding a partner. It has also been a lot of fun! I have been impressed with the quality of men men through SC -- mostly interesting lives, honest, focused." "I am writing to ask that my membership be terminated, as I have recently begun a relationship with a wonderful man. I have very much enjoyed meeting new people through your organization and I commend you once again for having put together this innovative and much needed service for science professionals and nature lovers. Keep up the good work!"
"I'm enjoying Science Connection so much - it's the best way I've ever experienced for meeting interesting men. Thank so much for establishing it (and at such a reasonable cost!)." "I want to take this opportunity to tell you I like the style in which SC is run -- your advice & observations on the membership pool, the personal (friendly) feel of the newsletter, and your willingness to adapt procedure to members' requests. Keep up the good work."
"I am writing to discontinue my membership early. ... Your service attracts a higher quality group of men than any other service I ever joined and at a very economical price. I especially liked getting in contact with men from outside my geographical area and inside my 'poli-cranial' area. Science Connection worked very quickly for me, too ..." "I've never joined any singles' group before because I wasn't comfortable with what I perceived to be the philosophies. I really appreciate what you're doing, and how you're doing it. Thank You."
"I've been meeting Sci connect women regularly through the get-togethers that Matt organizes here in the DC area. One of these Sci connect women has become a good friend. She came to a party at my house about a year ago, met a friend of mine and they've been seeing each other ever since.
     "So I think sharing our circles of friends can be an important outgrowth of SciConnection. In fact for me just having other unattached people, male or female, who I can call and go canoeing or hiking with is important to me."
"Where else is one able to contact such a wealth of obviously gifted and concerned people, who in the majority, seem to shun the 'smoky bar scene' etc. It is reassuring to see that there are others out there who prefer to do things other than watch the proverbial boob tube. I for one, feel this probably constitutes the ultimate re. contacts. Far superior to the other more expensive, flashy and somewhat phony dating services."
"After contacting and speaking with a few of the women in SciCon, I have to tell you how pleasantly astonished I am at their caliber! I've had only initial contacts, of course, but what a difference from the other 'forests' I've been 'hiking' on. You truly have a class operation." "My membership in Science Connection has surpassed my wildest expectations, in just the few months that I have belonged. I was first of all surprised at the number of contacts I made from the start, but more to the point, that one of the resulting relationships has become so special to us that you should include my membership number on your next inactive list."
"What a lovely surprise your service has turned out to be. I have met one interesting man and am corresponding with another. Haven't met anyone who gives me goose bumps yet, but I'm having such a good time, it doesn't really matter. How else could semi-reclusive woods-walkers meet, anyway, without joining a group (ugh!). Thank-you thank-you." "As a very happy member of your Science Connection organization, I am sincerely cheering you on as a representative of the over-seventies and loving life anyway!"
"I stand a much better chance of meeting a kindred spirit interested in marriage, and possibly children, through SC than through any other similar service." "My membership has expired, but I let it run out on purpose. I met two men through the Science Connection - and they were both terrific. The second one I am marrying - in January."
"I wasn't sure what to expect with Science Connection, but I have been very thankful for the results. As a busy surgeon, I didn't have time for dating, wanted to find an intelligent, sensitive man, with as much passion for adventure as I have... I found him, and so much more." "I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Science Connection and met and corresponded with many interesting people. I tell all my single friends about it. If this relationship doesn't work out, I will immediately sign up again."
"...We couldn't be happier. Not sure when [the marriage will be], but wanted you to count us among your 'success stories,' even though, if you go back and read my profile I state rather vehemently that hell would freeze over before I'd get married again, positively not, never ever again. He tolerates my correcting anatomically incorrect sea life art (artists can be shameless, honestly) and identifying (down to genus and species, along with anatomical instruction) the seafood he tries to eat peacefully, and I tolerate his setting interesting chemical mixtures on fire to amuse my kids and alarm my neighbors. If this isn't a match made in heaven, I don't know what is. You just can't find that kind of partner in the generic personals services." "I am writing to let you know that I won't be renewing my membership and to thank you. It turns out that I have met someone through Science Connection. I was a member for 2 years and met Richard about 8 months ago. I enjoyed my membership and met about 10 men in person and emailed several others.
      "My overall experience with Sci Conn was very positive. Almost everyone (perhaps even everyone) that I wrote to responded. The people that I met were generally interesting, intelligent and kind. This being my first and only foray into the 'personal' ads, I went with your service, because it felt safer to me than generic ads in the local paper. In addition, I thought I would be able to make a better 'connection'. In addition to meeting interesting people, I found that with each experience I learned a bit more about myself and what was important to me in a relationship."
  Some sound-bites:
  • "The vast majority of members I have contacted or who have contacted me have been very courteous."
  • "SC is by far still the best possibility for me to meet a woman who had common interests in science."
  • "Science Connection provides a refreshing, discreet, and flexible process for meeting professional single people with similar interests and backgrounds."
  • "Met several fascinating people."
  • "Having a delightful time getting to know sincere and interesting guys in and out of state. Waiting has paid off."


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