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Alaska Rhodiola Products   Although not how I make my living, this non-profit farmer's co-op has become my passion. We are growing a wonderful arctic herbal plant — Rhodiola rosea — in order to support Alaskan farmers and to produce a high quality herbal supplement to benefit people's health. — Member # 208800

Andrew Duncan   I am a mathematician, programmer, and musician. Here you'll find plenty of info about me and my interests. - Member # 106962   This site deas with the work of the architect Nadya Stamatova (member 206424): projects, books, articles, scientific reports, CDs, and exhibitions.

Atala News   The site includes community projects that I lead, my atala butterfly research, speaking engagements, and butterfly conservation projects. - Member 207677

Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc.   Fast, flexible, reliable components for programmers

Beth Schacter, PhD, science writer & editor   The site, which I created, tells you a lot about my professional life and it also reveals my favorite color combo! (And, yes, it shows that I'm an amateur, not a professional, web developer.)   Timely, lively information relevant to women over 40 and fearless men! Always looking for articles of interest to women. Member 208624   Digital photos, and some digital artwork, from my last two plus years of shooting digitally. I shoot a lot of nature, abstracts and the things I notice that many people might not take a second look at. -- Member #107473 provides discounted prices for mail-ordered Professional Golf equipment like Ping, Callaway, Taylor-Made, Titleist, etc. We advertise in Golf Digest andGolf magazines. I started this business in 1970, right out of graduate school. Call 800-727-5511, Mike (member #106180)   Theme: "Get a Life!" I did after age 61. Taught in Peace corps 2x, China 3x, Ukraine and India. Adventures, Inspiration, Humor+photos -- Member #206841

The Essential John D. Hrivnak   Personal web site of this member. Mostly ancient, from the beginning of the Internet (at least WWW). Probably some funny stuff. — John, Member #107891

Fire Research Institute   Founded shortly after Nixon's ping pong team brought new relations with China, the Fire Research Institute set out to befriend scientists in "enemy" countries. We offer free access to a bibliography of international literature on forest fires, an international directory of fire researchers, and a free monthly electronic newsletter of new publications on forest fire. Our latest users are from Iran. When asked about whether this was OK, the State Department said "as long is there's nothing nuclear in there." — Member # 108508

Hunt Creative Inc is a full service advertising and marketing agency with major clients in Toronto. I offer graphic and web design, SEO and Google Analytics services, photography, music composition/production and video/post. Established in 1986. — Member # 108336

Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma   An interactive game and simulation written in Javascript inspired by the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma game theory described in the book The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. -- Member 106642

JLD Tifft Images   Jeanne Tifft documentary & fine art photographer — Member # 209771

Kyle Blaney   My website includes links to my favorite photographs and details about my passion for high-quality software. — Member # 107962

Llama Deara Ranch   Llama Deara Ranch provides therapeutic and psychoeducational services for individuals, families, and children. Its area of research is interspecies collaboration, and some of the species at the ranch are integrated into the education and therapy work of the Director, member 208737, and her clients.

LundPhotographics   Innovative designs and products for Wetplate collodion photography. — Member # 107025   John's personal website, dedicated to the concepts of... Nanotechnology, Transhumanism, and the Singularity.

Naturfoto Gifts and Novelties   I am an amateur photographer: This website is a store featuring mugs, mousepads, etc. that bear my photographs. It also serves as a virtual gallery to showcase my work. - Ainslie Reimer, Member #206658

Never Spook the Animals Wildlife Photography   This member's website includes a small sampling of her wildlife and nature images as well as Notes From the Field about some of her photographic adventures. — Member # 209356

OceanWork Consulting   OceanWork brings action-oriented strategic communications to people working to save our global ocean. We are expert think partners who guide and implement communications strategies to advance our shared mission—healthy ocean, healthy people, forever. — Member #210052

Packard Conflict Resolution   I'm a former director of a nonprofit program, and now an independent consultant, who provides expert conflict-resolution help for individuals and organizations. This website describes my background and work. — Member # 210183   We do testing and research on human and animal parasites with over 170 publications to our credit. -- Member 106874   A site for parents and family members of a child, teen, or young adult who struggles with a mental disorder. In addition to support, this site lays out specific how to's for managing day-to-day life at home, which are drawn from evidence-based interventions used by treatment providers. Follow the link to the blog and pertinent articles and research. If you care for a troubled child, you are not alone, not at fault, and not a failure. — Member # 209427

Rich Blend   A main interest of mine — apart from photography — is writing lyrics. It's been a great pleasure to team up with many fine musicians around the world. The songs cover a wide spectrum of genres ranging from folk ballad to blues, to country, to jazz, to metal, to New Age, to rock, and beyond. I hope you'll enjoy some of the tunes. — Member #209169   This site features a weekly update on new books about science by book reviewer Phillip Manning. It also lists a huge number of recent science books and reviews. — Member # 108141

Singles Outreach   Based in Albany, New York, Singles Outreach is a non-profit organization founded to bring single individuals together to develop friendships, foster personal growth, serve the community, and explore the wonders and opportunities of life. -- Member #106735   "An authoritative and objective guide to optimal nutrition, which is the main determinant of health and the backbone of preventive medicine." - Jay, member 106160

The Terra Explorer Project   Stories accompanied by video or slideshow are submitted by naturalists (professionals and amateurs) and researchers like you. We extend an invitation to all enthusiasts to participate who have a keen interest in natural history. We hope to promote exploration and investigation of the natural world, provide opportunities for publishing original observations and insights, and link naturalists whose interests cover natural history, behavioral ecology, animal behavior, evolution, and conservation. — Member # 208965   The Thinking Meat Project is an exploration of some of the pleasures and problems of being conscious animals. Check out the blog for news items on human nature, the origins of humankind, and a variety of related topics. - Member 206461   Young Voices on Climate Change is a non-profit that produces short films about young people who are shrinking the carbon footprint of their homes, schools and communities. These are inspiring and empowering films, only 3-5 minutes long, and you can view them on this website. — Member #204303   Team leader for a solar vehicle Progressive Auto Xprize Team — Member #107657 with the URL and a sentence or two of description.