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Members who prefer not to use a photo or who view them as non-essential
Members advocating the use of photos
Quality and suitability of photos

Synopsis:   Most members commenting on photos have made the point that they find photos a very helpful addition to the biographical profile/mini-profile and they would like to see more members have photos available (72% do, at present). Some members have even advocated that photos be mandatory. However, we prefer to leave this up to members. There are various reasons (see below) why members either don't want to or don't feel it's necessary to provide a photo with their profile. We (the SC staff) do think, though, that members without a photo available with their profile should have a photo on hand to provide to other members at an appropriate time. Before meeting in person (especially if travel is involved) everyone would appreciate having an idea of what their new friend/acquaintance looks like.

Members have also made the point that photos should be reasonably up-to-date, and of sufficient quality to give a decent idea of what the member looks like. Thus, photos in which members are wearing hats and sunglasses or in which members are a minute feature in a landscape have been criticized.
Members who prefer not to use a photo or who view them as non-essential

Members advocating the use of photos TOP
Quality of photos

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