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Science Connection Member Polylogue, part 9

What "successful" members have to say

Tips & advice
Don't give up the search too soon
Long distance: So far and yet so near
A few more personal accounts

Synopsis   We have included a sizeable sample of comments from members who have been successful in reaching their relationship goals (generally, but not always, this is finding a life partner), because they're all a little different, and they make enjoyable reading. There are, however, a few recurrent themes: (1) Don't give up too easily; it's easy to become discouraged, but it only takes one felicitous connection to make all the effort worthwhile. (2) Keep an open mind. People often find that their eventual true love was not what (or where) they would have expected. (3) Try to respond to contacts from other members, but don't get bent out of shape if people fail to respond to your contacts; just move on. (4) Have a positive attitude and make an effort. To quote one member, "it demands endless humor and patience, it demands faith and hope and work, but eventually there comes a letter or a call or an e-mail and you know this is the right one!".

In summary, to quote one member: "be flexible, open-minded, positive and have fun!".

Note that when members mention "ordering" or "requesting" profiles of other members, this dates from our earlier format in which biographical profiles were sent out solely by postal mail.
Tips & advice

Don't give up the search too soon TOP
So far and yet so near TOP
Attitude/approach TOP
A few more personal accounts

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