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Use of the Science Connection network

General attitudes and approaches
Excess specificity?
Relationship goals (friendship instead of or along the way to romance)

The main opinions aired on this topic are that people should: (1) be "proactive" in using the network, rather than waiting for others to contact them; (2) try not to take exchanges with another member too seriously or have unrealistic expectations; (3) be less picky in their specifications for potential mates or dates.

Note that when members talk about "requesting profiles", this dates from our earlier format, when biographical profiles could only be accessed by postal mail.

General attitudes and approachesTOP

The SciCon staff has noted that at membership renewal time members often remark that they've not "taken advantage of the network" or been as active in contacting other members as they feel they ought to be. We quoted one member who said that she scans the listing noting the interesting ones, then waits to see if they contact her. This prompted this response, among others of a similar gist:

This reminds me of one of the problems noted for the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI) by listening with radio telescopes. What if all the civilizations are listening, and no one transmits?

Other views:

Excess specificity?TOP

We have had a number of comments like the following: "It seems that so many members have their standards set way too high" and "Your members, as an observable rule, are far too nit-picky to get past initial impressions", or that people have an idealized image of a mate that actually impedes mate finding. Further quotes:

Relationship goals (friendship instead of or along the way to romance) TOP

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