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Why join Science Connection?

... rather than just the big Internet singles sites?

Several reasons:

  1. We're specialized. Having an interest (and in many cases, professional involvement) in science or nature gives a high degree of social compatibility. And many members are very busy people who simply don't take part in singles groups and activities for the general public and who don't place personal ads.

  2. We are a membership organization, rather than a group of "users". Internet singles services are steeped in anonymity. In Science Connection, honesty and openness prevail.

  3. We have a relatively high "success rate". View our

  4. The information that members provide to other members via our format is more detailed and forms a better basis on which to start a conversation.

  5. "Instant results" and free initial membership may seem great. But... (!) ... people tell us that they waste hours on sites like without finding anyone of interest and that they receive inappropriate and uninteresting contacts on the big singles sites.

  6. Science Connection is not run by anonymous business people. It was started for science/nature types by science/nature types. We who run SC take an interest in the organization and our members. We're the human element that helps keep this group both friendly and astonishingly well mannered. :)

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